Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday in Texas

Well, we had a day at home and then back on the road. A New week and we're back in Texas, Amarillo to be exact. I'll post a couple of pics. We are on our way to Tucson. It was 101 degrees coming across Oklahoma this afternoon, can't even imagine how hot it will be in Tucson. Tomorrow we'll be in New Mexico, I just love Albuquerque. I hope traffic isn't too bad so I can take some pics of the huge pottery in the medians as you come into town.

Ok, the pics I took today. We passed the same sunflowers as last week, but it was so hot they were all drooping. Not sure how well the pic is. They do everything big in Texas, a pic of the Rest Area, LOL, and the largest cross in the western hemisphere, and a herd of longhorns.

Enjoy your week, and check back for more pics later.

Until we meet again......Prim Blessings

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Miranda said...

Yay! mom has a blog and has inspired me to creat one...you can check it out here mom, i will try to update when things happen...http://primitivemomoftwo.blogspot.com/