Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Creative Drive or Driving Creatively

Why is it that I am the most creative when I'm driving down the road????? Seriously, I have ideas running through my head as fast I am driving sometimes! OMG, and then when I get stopped they are gone! Well, my friend told me to jot it down for later, LOL. Ok, I tried it, now remember I am driving along anywhere from 55 mph to 70 mph, she said even if it's squirrely you will know what you mean later, ROFL!!!! Love her for her inspriation and friendship, but she's a hoot. I can make out some of what I wrote and some looks like gibberish. Ok, then she said get a recorder and record your ideas, well now she's talkin. So, I have a voice recorder on my Blackberry, and it worked very well and was safer than trying to make notes, LOL. For the Love of God why didn't she say that first, LOL.

Home for the day. A little bit of laundry and that's about it. Hmmmmm, learned a New Spanish word this week. A word for little bit, po-ke-to or po-ke-ta, of course the spelling is not right, but sound it out you'll get the picture. Anyway don't remember which way it is, o or a. Anyone know spanish?

It was a good trip to Tucson, a couple of short nights and a couple of long days. I did get a few pics of the pots I mentioned in an earlier post. So I'll put them on here. And I ran through a swarm of honey bees! What was I to do??!!?? I felt bad, and I had pollen allover the front of my truck from the pollen the little bees were carriyng in their little baskets on their legs. Ok, they need to stay off the Interstate.

I changed a couple of things on my blog, and added some places I like to visit. Check out the web sites I added, like kmprimitives and pumpkin seed primitives, both are among my top favs. Both of those girls are an inspiration to me in a lot of ways.

My Riverbend Friends will be headed to Kansas City this week for the August Market. Best of Luck girls, sorry I'm not going!! They'll have a blast.

Oh, almost forgot.... we went through the chile Capitol of the world this past week!! Hatch, New Mexico. It didn't look like a lot, but there were Chile stands and Chile's everywhere. No place to pull off on the way down, and on the way back when we could have pulled off they weren't OPEN!!! Oh well, I don't eat chiles anyway, but hubby would have tried them, LOL.

Hope you all have a Happy Sunday!!!

Until we meet again.......Prim Blessings


Earth blog said...

Hi there!

pammyjo said...

Love the big pottery. Very cool. When you get time, check out some of my side bar inspirations. I'll be posting some new soon. I wish we could create some day. I'm glad you finally figured out a way to keep your ideas on the Berry. LOL Miss ya!