Monday, May 4, 2009

A Monday in May

Happy Monday!! It was a good day, weather was warm although a bit cloudy until late afternoon. I worked outside most of the day. Over the weekend while hubby was home he helped me get the edging around the flower beds, and I worked the soil. I used one of those claw thingys, lol. I think that's what it's called. You stick it in the dirt and turn and it work the soil up. Well, it's my sister in law's, anyway, I borrowed it and worked all my flower beds. Today I planted flowers, after I worked the dirt a bit more. It looks so nice, sorry I was too pooped to take pics.
I had the girls outside with me. Now they still are on leashes, still a bit in the puppy stage, and quite the social butterflys. So, I put their leashes on them, but let them have a bit of freedom by just dragging them around. I keep telling them I don't want to have to use a leash forever, lol. They did pretty well, I only had to bring back in range a couple of times. I keep a close eye on them as we live right by the highway, but they did good. So a good day for them as well.
Hubby left yesterday for his destination. He successfully unloaded and got reloaded all today. So he had a good day, too.
I'm still waiting on the call to go back to work. Waiting keeps me from getting involved in things too much, I know if I do that call will come and then I'll be fretting over something I've started and won't be able to finish as soon as I would like.
Tomorrow will be another busy day. I'll clean house and make sure all is in order should I get the call. My bag is packed and ready to go, lol.
Hope you all had a Great day.
Hugs, Bren

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Karen said...

Hi Bren, well you sure did have a busy weekend.
How did the 'claw' work...I've seen them advertised.
Glad hubby is safe and I do hope you get that call soon.
You know, the best way to guarantee a call IS TO START A PROJECT...never fails when you start something you want to finish something happens...try it.