Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got Rugs?

Seems as though I'm on a roll with rugs of all kinds. I recently posted a pic of the crocheted rag rug I finished, gotta love those. they feel so good under your feet. And they look so perfectly prim! And, now, on to a rug I started quite a while ago. It's a locker hooked rug. Fast, fun and so relaxing to work on. Great therapy after a stressful day. And they too are great prim accents.
This is my basket of fabric strips for the rug. I love the colors all mixed together. It, too looks great just setting around.

And my rug. It will be the largest one I have made yet. Even though it is very easy to work on, the bigger it gets, the bulkier it is . Just means you have a lot more in your lap. I have made several different sizes, small rugs, table runners, hot pads, candle mats (LOVE those).

And here's my Penny rug. I posted a pic of some of the pennies the other day. Now, all the pennies are done and it's on to sewing them together. The mat it is on is a 12 inch square. It will Great almost anywhere!! Can't wait to finish it and find a place for it.
It finally stopped raining!! We got 3 to 5 inches of rain, creeks are out, the river is up, fields are flooded. It was water all around the house yesterday. Had to pick the girls up and carry them to a high spot in the yard when we went out yesterday. Needless to say they kept their outings to a minimum, they didn't like all the water. And it's cool, was in the 40's this morning, so cold and damp and the yard is soggy. But the water has for the most part soaked away in the yard. The sun is trying to peek out, although it's only to be in the upper 50's, maybe 60 today. Not going to warm up until next week. I need sunshine and warm weather, so if you have extra Please send it my way.
I started my day with a little cleaning, laundry, and set the oven to clean. I baked hubby a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie and it bubbled over (his Mother would have been proud, lol). He'll be home later this afternoon and we'll cook something on the grill for supper. The rest of my day has no set plans.
Hope you have a Great weekend. I'll be popping in and visiting your blogs and leaving a comment here and there. Please leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. I love that you visit my little blog, although some days it's not very interesting.
Hugs, Bren


Karen said...

Hi Bren, is there anything you can't do?? How fun to have your very own rug when you are finished.
The Penny Rug is coming along great.

Betsy said...

Hello Bren,
I love both your rugs. Love all the colors.
There's a quilt shop I visit that offers locker hooking rug classes that I've thought about taking. Your's looks so good. Would love to see more pics.
Hope your weather clears up. We've been having storms here too but no flooding thank goodness.
Sending lots of sunshine your way and hope you have a great weekend.

Tolentreasures said...

Love your penny rug and love the locker hooking. I have done a few of those and love doing them.

Jenn said...

Mmm...strawberry rhubarb pie, my favorite!

Anonymous said...