Monday, May 18, 2009

Majestic Beauty and a Princess

I got my pictures in the right place on the computer so I could share them! These horses are so majestic and regal. I loved all the little details on their harnesses, I couldn't get that close for a picture, but they were so neat.

Here they are all hitched up. They were going to the local ballfield for afternoon events there.

They are so well trained, all I kept thinking was "Gentle Giants". They just stood where they were put and waited.

This was inside the tent.
And of course the trucks.

And this is my baby. Today is her Birthday!!! Happy Birthday! Well, it will officially be her birthday at 7:41 p.m. and that's when she'll get my call. Like every year, lol. It's something I have always done. My Dad used to always tell me my birthday wasn't official until around 3 a.m., but he wouldn't call at that time, lol. So, I decided to tell her or call her at her official time and it's just been a tradition. Have a Great Day Princess!! You can stop by her blog at and leave her birthday wishes. Luv Ya Chickadee!
Good Day to everyone!
Hugs, Bren


Tolentreasures said...

What a beautiful daughter that you have. The horses would be neat to see.


Miranda said...

Aww thank you Mama Chickadee!! I love those horses, Clydesdales have always been a fav of mine :)