Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Thursday and A Few Pics

It's Thursday already. Where has the time gone? It's cold today, but the weather man says it will warm up. I'm still looking for Spring around the corner. My back is finally feeling more like it's back to normal. Not sure if I told you last week or not, But we were laid off from our jobs. Both of us. This is only to be a temporary lay off, not sure when we'll return to work. Thinking maybe next week. I've taken advantage of the time off and tried to do some Spring cleaning. I've finished the closets and major dusting. Whew! And I've tried to do a little crafting.
I've finished Tulip Time a freebie offered by Betty at . It was fun to stitch up and kept me thinking Spring is on it's way.
The bunny pillow is one I did a while back, it's one of my favorites. And I tend to leave it out, not just during the Spring time.
An old ceramic roaster I filled with grungy easter eggs, my chocolate bunnies, and fabric carrots sits in front of a little quilt top I made. And the basket of ivy, I made the basket a long time ago, but it too is one of my favs.
I have a few more things I'm working on. Some bunny bowl fillers. I felt creative yesterday and drew a little bunny on some muslin, stitched it up and am now making it look grungy. If I like the results I post a pic later. And I'll organize a few things in the sewing corner today.
Hope you are all having a Great week. Until later.........


Nancy said...

Your Tulip Time looks beautiful, and I love your bunny pillow! You did such a nice job on both.

Karen said...

Hi Bren, glad you are back to posting again!
I just love your projects - always have.
Your Penny work is beautiful kiddo.
As well as everything else.
Hope your back feels better soon and HOPE YOU AREN'T OFF WORK FOR LONG.
I am just always amazed at how much you can accomplish by working in your truck - I know it's like a home but wow - you sure do produce.

UPON A HILL said...

Really like your bunny pillow. Happy for you that your layoff is only temp.Rest your back. Everything looks really nice in your home.

primitivebettys said...

Totally DARLING Bren! :)


Tolentreasures said...

I love all your stuff. I really love the bunny penny rug pillow. Cute, Cute Cute!!!
Hope that the layoff is only temporary...just long enough for you to get done what you want to


Robby said...

Love love love your tulip time Bren!!!! It is perfect in the black frame!!! xxxRobby