Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time Marches On

And March is about to march out. Tomorrow is a brand new month, and April 1st. Do you play April Fool's jokes? We used to, but not so much anymore.
Our warm weather is not so warm anymore. It's blustery outside and the temp is falling. Maybe a snow flake by morning. But, I will not complain, we are not enduring what they are dealing with in Fargo, ND. I do hope for the best for them.
I have no pictures today, I feel bad. But, tomorrow will be different. Full of Surprises! You'll want to check back to see what I have in store. No Foolin'.
I've been visiting some of my favorite blogs, dropping comments here and there. I wanted to share with you one of interest, over at www.kankerdoodle.blogspot.com , she is going to make a wool throw, month by month, and share her progress month by month. She invites us to join her. She posted a pic of the throw on her blog, I love it, love the whole pic. So I'm thinking....do I need to start something else? No, but how fun to do something with someone. I just need wool. So, I'm debating. Go on over and check it out.
Have a Great evening, and create memories.

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