Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simply A Saturday

Just another Saturday. A little cooler than the past couple of days and a light rain has set in. It was to be raining all day, so glad that it hasn't though. It's been dreary and cool.
After 3 visits to the chiro this past week I think my back is going to be alright. Just a little twinge every now and then.
You might notice some "New" little graphics on my side bar. I LOVE them! I searched and couldn't find what I wanted, so I called in a Pro. Jenn over at is fantastic with graphics. I told her what Iwas trying to find and Wa Laaaaaaa! Thanks Jenn, your'e the best!
I've been stitching a little today. And of course the usual domestic goddess chores had to be done.
I'm sorry this isn't much of a post. Not much going on here today, but wanted to post something.
Have a Happy Weekend!!

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