Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Wow, the week has flown by! And I have not been very good about my posting.
So, to catch you up. I've been finishing some Spring cleaning, trying to take advantage of this time off. Yes, still laid off, and probably till next month.
I have to admit..........when you work all the time, you want to be home because there is so much you want to get done, but, not that I'm bored, but I miss the traveling! I didn't realize I did. We're never happy! So I keep telling myself, enjoy this while you can.
I took the quilts to the quilt lady and have finished up some UFO's that I posted in an earlier post. I have a few more to do, and a quilt I need to put the binding on. I've told myself not to start any thing new until all is done, lol. Like that's going to happen! But I'm trying really, really hard.
Our warm weather is getting colder. And the weather man says we will get snow tomorrow, 4 to 6 inches! I know it will melt the next day, but still. I'm just so ready for Spring!!
I hope you all had a Great week.
Keep Creating memories.

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Karen said...

Afternoon Bren....missed you girlie!

Hey, I see a new site coming for you....looks like it will be interesting.
Is it a selling site???
I know you like having time to 'be creative' but I also understand the delima of needing to get out there and work.
Hugs, Karen