Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving Wishes

Hello blogland friends. Once again it's been awhile since I posted, still hard with one hand.
I hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. Filled with Love , Laughter and full tummies.
A lot has happened here since my last post. The passing of my Husbands father and services the day before Thanksgiving. Our daughter and family returning home for the service and staying for the Hoilday. They had planned to visit her husband's family, but the rock slide on I40 changed those plans and they had just planned on staying home. It was nice to have them here, just wish it was on a happier note. 
They left for home on Friday morning and hubby left for California then as well. I sorta felt like "Home Alone", lol. I busied myself with putting a few Christmas decorations out, laundry and trying to make a few yo-yo's. Well, the yo-yo's are slow going, it causes me pain in my hand and wrist. So, I make a couple and have to wait a while then make a couple more. it's better than not being able to do anything at all!
I have done a little bit of Christmas shopping. Do you have yours done?
My next Dr.'s appt is on Dec. 8th, I'm hoping for the best.
I have been visiting your blogs, sorry for not leaving notes, but hope to be able to do that again soon, too. thanks for stopping by and visiting my corner of the blogland community. Comments are Welcomed and looked forward too.
Until next time,
Hugs, Bren


Ann said...

Bren, My sympathy to you and your family. Don't try to make too many yo-yo's, let your arm heal. I know it's easy to say and not so easy to just "sit". ~Ann

pammyjo said...

I gave away some yos that I had made up, or I would have gotten them to you. Get healed up, that's an order. Giggle.

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Prayers to your family for your loss and prayers to you for quick healing!!! Don't over do it with the yo-yo's. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Betsy said...

So sorry for your loss but glad you got to visit with your daughter and family. I hope you have good news at your next appt.
Have a great evening.


Anonymous said...

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