Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drs. Appointment & A Diagnosis Finally!

Now we know! I had an appointment with the hand and wrist specialist yesterday. After 4 1/2 weeks, several x-rays, finally going to the specialist and an's cracked. That's what he said...the bone in your forearm is cracked. Oh joy!  Since it's already been this long, it's a little late to put it in a regular cast, so off to the therapist to have a cast molded to my arm. It's to be immobilized for 3 weeks, the cast is not to come off except for hygiene. At least I finally know! Hubby kept saying there was something wrong because I still have some swelling, bruising and pain. Hate it when he's right, lol. My case worker ask the Dr. how long he thought it would be until I was basically healed and released..............his best guess as he said..........3 months!!
Ok, so lets not get down about this. I normally make gifts for the holidays and have been going crazy not being able to work on anything, well, I won't be working on anything for a while longer. Things will just have to be New Years gifts, lol.
I'm just glad the Dr. found it, now we can start the process of getting better. And as the Dr said, atleast the bone hadn't shifted.
I hope you are all cozy and warm. Thanls for checking into my corner of the blog world. Leave me a know I love em. I have been visiting your corners of the blog world as well.
Have a Great Day!
Hugs, Bren


pammyjo said...

OH Darn! I knew something was wrong or you would have been better by now. I just glad it's fixable! I hope you'll get back to your creative self soon. Took them long enough. Good grief. Maybe you could learn sewing with your teeth. LMBO LOLOL

pammyjo said...

Why am I are just the one who could do it too. We have to get together. Miss ya!

Tolentreasures said...

What a shame about you arm. That is a long time to be doctoring for it. Take care!


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