Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Wanted to wish all my friends in blogland a very Happy Easter. We will be spending our Easter with our family in Tennessee. I hope you all will be spending yours with family as well.
The weather here is cool and has been rainy. And yesterday there were severe storms in the area. Tornandos were very close here and destroyed many homes and businesses in the Murfreesboro area. More storms are forecast for tomorrow evening.
I have been working on more penny rug mug rugs, I just LOVE them! My daughter and I are going to make a purse, she has already made one and has fabric leftover, so I get to make one, too! She has been showing me how to make jewelry. I have been having a blast! Check out her blog at and from there you can go to her Etsy shop. She has some fabulous jewelry there! I just might have to make more. Oh, and she made me a really cute keychain, with a jasper stone...........I told her it looked like a "lima bean" but it is really cool.
So it's my "lima bean" key chain! I'll take pics of everything later and post so you can see. Maybe I'll have my purse done.
Until later......................Joyous Easter!