Friday, April 24, 2009

Making It Happen

Are you a "Make It Happen" type person or a "Let It Happen" type person? I would have to say I'm a "Let It Happen" type person. You know the old saying "Everything happens for a reason", I guess I think if it happens it was meant to be. And, I don't think things out enough I guess. My hubby on the other hand is a "Make It Happen" type person, and I LOVE that about him!
Most of you know we have been laid off from our jobs. And, because of that we went to spend Easter with the kids and had planned to stay awhile and attend a Nascar race in Alabama this weekend. Well, hubby got the call to go back to work, I have not gotten that call yet. So our plans were changed and we headed back home. But, we still wanted to go to the race, we had everything set up to go! Ok, Mr. Make It Happen went to work. The load he was given was going south east, but not directly through Alabama, and wasn't scheduled to be loaded until today. And since I am not back to work I decided to go back to the kids in case things might work out that we could still make it to the race. A conversation with the right people and the promise of a Nascar hat got him loaded last night and he was able to get started on the way down. So, I will meet up with him later today and we will attend the Saturday race and then on Sunday he will continue on to his destination and I will return to the kids' and then probably head for home next week. You could say if there's a will there's a way, or it was meant to be, or being in the right place at the right time...............but I call it "Making It Happen"!
I have not been very crafty lately. Too busy enjoying the boys and my daughter. She and I did sit down and make some jewelry, she made an awesome necklace and I made a charm bracelet. She's an inspiration to me when it comes to jewelry making. I had picked up our quilts from the quilt lady and brought them with me this trip. My intentions were to cut the binding for mine and get it sewed on so I could start hand stitching it on, but that hasn't happened yet. Probably will be more apt to get to it when I am back home. And I brought my wool pennies with me, of which I have not worked on either, LOL. Imagine that.
My friend Pammy Jo from back home called to check on me this morning. We hadn't talked all week. She's the one who always checks on me and I Love her for that. It makes you feel good when a friend calls to see how you are, and she always says "are ya ever comin" home". I love it when she calls, and I Love your comments. They make me feel as good as her calls.
I hope you've all had a good week and hope your weekend is warm and fun filled. I know mine will be!
Hugs, Bren

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Karen said...

Well Bren I'm so happy you both got to go to the race. I do believe in 'if it's meant to be, it will be'