Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family, Friends and Favorite Places

Here we are about to start a new week and last week still hasn't caught up with me, lol.
If you're following with me, we were headed for New York last week. It was a pretty drive despite the rain and drizzle, the colors are just starting and are they ever pretty. WOW is all I can say. We made it to new York and did finally reach our destination, although we did encounter a low underpass and the local Police, lol. We were able to get under the underpass even though it was posted 12 foot 7 inches ( we are 13 foot 6 inches) kinda scary for a minute there. And the local Police showed up asking if we needed help, we figure someone in the residential area called and told them we were wandering around, lol. We unloaded and waited for a load.
Hubby has a Foster brother that we knew lived in New York State, and to make along story short we were just a few miles from them. So we took a few hours to visit and they showed us around. It was good to see them. Always good to see family.
We loaded Friday Morning for Upper Minnesota, way up north. Again a rainy, drizzly drive, but still pretty. We stopped in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday and I had enough time to unhook from the trailer and make a visit to one of my very favorite Quilt shops in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, JJ Stitches & Co. I have not been there for quite a while, so it was good to get the time to visit. The owner, Julie is the sweetest person, I just love her. You may have seen some of her Antique Reproduction quilts in McCalls Quilting or American Patchwork and Quilting. And she tells me she is working on another for spring, I can't wait!! I made my purchases, some wool and a doll pattern. Can't wait for the time to work on them!!!
We continued on northward and tonight are in Superior, Wi. We will head over to Minnesota in the morning and unload. Then I'll head just west of Minneapolis and hubby will go just south of Minneapolis for reloads and meet back up to head back to Iowa. We'll have a day at home to do laundry and give the girls a bath and a trim. Then it's off to Canada!
The weather is getting cooler, I'll grab some warmer clothes while I'm home. Think I'm going to need them. Hope you are all well. I'm still trying to keep up with you all even though I don't get much time to post. Keep warm, keep crafting and be happy and healthy.
I love your comments when you leave them! Until next time.......................
Hugs, Bren


~Tonya said...

HI Bren,

Yes, the leaves are turning fast....and falling off from the colder temps here in Minnesota.

Nice of your hubby to see his foster brother and glad you made if under the bridge. LOL I bet it was scary.

You guys will be passing from Minneapolis, south on I-35 to Iowa, that is about 5 miles from me, off the interstate. How neat is that.

And yes, it is chilly here. I have already kicked the funace on.

Have a great day and safe travels. Nice that you can stop along the way to your favorite quilt shop. Have fun in Canada.


pammyjo said...

Glad we got to chat Saturday. I wish I could have heard better. I can't wait to see all your new ideas, and patterns. We need a day together to regroup. Miss ya! Yes, warmer clothes are in the offing. Hugs, P