Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in Canada

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!! We crossed the border into Canada this morning, I had to be sent to the warehouse for inspection. Hubby was cleared with no inspection necessary. So off the road a bit to the warehouse and they had a look in the trailer and then we were down the road. The girls passed inspection with no problems, I was a tad bit worried, but had their health papers if needed.
Well, it's Columbus Day back home, but here in Canada it's Thanksgiving. So we had a turkey dinner in Celebration of their Holiday. It's a nice truck stop here in Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada. And they have Free Wi-Fi internet, Bless them for that. We had turned our Blackberry phones off before entering so we wouldn't get caught with roaming charges while here, and I thought no internet until tomorrow.
The drive here was spectacular to say the least!! The trees are beautiful and only got prettier as we drove farther north. I haven't seen a moose yet, although there have been several signs telling me to watch for them. Maybe on the way home. And if I don't see one then, well when we come back next week maybe then. Yes, I said come back next week. And if you read the previous post you will remember I said we were going to be off for appointments. When the boss calls and says can you.....well we decided to rearrange the appointments and make the trip back again, to the same place even. So, Pammy it will be the last week of the month now.
So, we'll run home empty, hook another loaded trailer and head back here to the Northeastern part of the world. I was out with the girls last night and the sky was so clear and the stars so bright, it was very pretty. Today is sunny, crystal clear and breezy. Well, maybe a few clouds, lol.
Keep warm, cozy and crafting. Till next time, love your comments!!
Hugs, Bren

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