Thursday, October 8, 2009

Relax & Refresh & Enjoy the Colors

Warm yourself with a cup of warm cider while curled up in your favorite chair under a warm quilt, and peek into my corner of blogland. Fall really has to be my favorite time of year, although I really like the Indian Summer part of it. And we haven't had that, yet. Cooler weather is around the corner all too soon. I'll enjoy the colors, smells and flavors of fall till their end. Now back to reality, lol........
A couple of days home before our trip to the Northeast has been very refreshing. It always does a body good to be "home". I have done the usual clean out the truck, laundry, give the girls a bath and a trim and home cooked meals. We had time to run a few errands, go to the chiropractor( a much needed visit there) and managed to relax. The truck is almost packed and ready to go again.
I'm crossing my fingers that the fall colors will still be beautiful. And I know the weather will be cooler. I've packed appropriate clothes. We'll be out through the week and return around the weekend. When we return we'll take a few days off, we have some appointments that week. And I'm hoping to get in some craft time. I have worked on a couple of things while I've been here this weekend, nothing finished, just in the beginning stages. I have plenty to work on when I get the time, lol.
Halloween is fast approaching. My favorite time of the year. I'll be gathering my wardrobe for the following week, lol. And I thought is was time to dress my blog for the holidays, and what could be more fitting for me than the witches legs and boots! My BIL would say a "perfect" fit, lol.
I've been catching up on your blogs, loving all I see and read. And I'll have more time next week. Thanks for visiting my little blog, and leave a comment if you like. I love all your comments.
I'm sure this next week will be a busy one, so I'll see you when I have a minute to spare. Hope I can get some interesting pics of our trip to share. Check back to see.
Until then..........Hugs, Bren

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pammyjo said...

Love your new blog decor. It's great! Have a wonderful trip.