Monday, October 19, 2009

Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall......

And so did I!!! Last Thursday I fell as I was getting out of the truck. Now I didn't fall out of the truck, but as I was stepping onto the ground. Hard to explain, but I stepped onto large 5 inch gravel which shifted I as stepped on it and already in motion going down off the truck, well I tried to recover and then ended up falling. I tried to catch myself as is normal, but hurt my wrist (right hand), went to the clinic, had X-rays, they said nothing was broke. Put it in a brace and sent me home, no work, can't shift gears. I go back to the clinic tomorrow, sure they will release me to go back to work. I still have some pain, and some swelling, my thumb especially, it looks weird, and sore muscles from trying to catch myself. But all will be well. This is short cause I'm typing with my left hand and it's taking forever, lol. I've been reading your blogs and have left a few comments, but mostly reading and catching up. Wishing I could be stitching or something!
Have a Great Day!!
Hugs, Bren

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lisa said...

Sorry you fell...Have been reading your blog for sometime.. I enjoy it..I fell last year on ice on our driveway. I went running to my daughter as her car was sliding down and thought she was going to hit a park car...Like I could do something about it..But I went down on my wrist thumb area,,,The fatty part between the thumb and wrist and man does that put you out of commission for any type of hand work....Didn't break it either but it took a LONG time to let me know numerouse times not to use it in certain ways.. I love reading your travels..Be safe and careful...Lisa