Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Follow Along With Me......

Get out your trusty old Rand McNally Road Atlas and follow with me to track my last few days.
We left out last Saturday morning for Bowie, Texas, an easy drive as we left early enough to take our time. We left Iowa on Route 218, follow along into Missouri where we take Hwy 61 South. And then at Hannibal we cut across on Hwy 36 West to Interstate 35 South. On through Missouri,, through Kansas City, on through Kansas on I35 South. We stop for the night in Lebo, Kansas at the TA Truck stop. A hot supper and then off to bed. Up early Sunday morning and back on the road. We are still traveling I35 South as it turns into a toll road in Kansas and on into Oklahoma. We stop at Exit 218 in Oklahoma at the Travel Plaza where we see the ladies with the gravy and fries. They were thrilled to see us, and had a feeling they should get the fries ready just before we got there. So now she thinks she's psychic, lol. So we enjoyed breakfast and a brief but good visit. They are so nice, always smiling and full of laughs. The girls get to go out and run a bit in the grass and then back down the road. On the North side of Oklahoma City we stop at the Blue Beacon Truck wash, gotta clean the trucks. That takes about an hour and on the road again. At Oklahoma City we take I44 South and head for Texas. We make our way into Texas and stop for the day in Wichita Falls. It was in the 90's and like an oven outside. No restaurant at the Flying J , just a Wendy's. So that was supper. A pottery place across the street, we walked over for a look. Off to bed , up early in the morning for delivery.
From there we went South on Hwy 287 to Bowie, reached our destination for delivery and proceeded with unloading.
Hubby had to go back up by Oklahoma City for his reload, so when he was unloaded and seen to that I was getting along ok, he took off. I had to wait about an hour and then dispatch called and had a load for me in Fort Worth, Tx. Off I go, continuing on 287 South into Ft. Worth. I found where I needed to go and was loaded fairly quickly and able to get out of town before rush hour traffic got too bad. Both of us loaded we met back up on the North side of Oklahoma City on I35.
Hubby was going into Iowa, North of Des Moines and I was headed to South St. Paul, Minnesota. So we continued on North on I35. Tuesday was spent driving North on I 35, hubby stopping off for his delivery that afternoon, I continued on into Minnesota to the Truck Stop. Hubby met up with me that evening. A nice hot shower and hot supper, then off to bed. I needed to be up early to get into St Paul for an early morning delivery this morning. We left out this morning at 4:45, I going to my delivery point and hubby on up to pick up bases to take back to the plant in Iowa. After I was empty I too went to pick up bases. Well, he ended up having to leave before I got there as they needed him to take a load to Kansas City for delivery in the morning. So we passed each other on the way, lol. I was loaded and headed for the plant. He dropped his trailer, hooked onto the loaded one and headed out. I came in later than he did, dropped my trailer and headed for home. He should be here tomorrow.
Well, that's been my last few days. How has yours been? Hope you're having a Great week, I'm hoping for a little crafting time.
Hugs, Bren


WoolenSails said...

I think when you take a vacation, you will just want to stay home and relax;) I would love to travel though, but in a winnebego, lol.


Bren said...

Yes, a Winnebago would be fun! Lol.
And yes, when I get home I don't want to go anywhere! If, I need something I get it before I get here, lol.
Hugs, Bren

Tolentreasures said...

Wow, you have covered a lot of ground this week. I hope that you get your crafting and relaxing time for a few days.



Hi Bren! I can't believe how close you were to our house...We only live about 30 minutes from Lebo! Sounds like a fun trip! Sher

Bren said...

Sher, we stop at Lebo often! Wow, you should come have tea.

Betsy said...

Hi Bren,
Wow, you make all that driving sound so easy and I'm sure it's not. Hope you get to relax and enjoy your weekend.