Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movin' Out, Movin' In, Movin' On.............

And so, here we are. It was up early this morning and off for Kenosha, hubby off to Dubuque. I wanted to get through Chicago before traffic, so I was up at 4 and took off at 4:45. Hubby followed until I split off on I294 North, he kept heading west. Traffic was not bad, but there is construction on I294. At least traffic kept flowing smoothly. I arrived at Kenosha around 6:45 a.m. and by 7:45 I was ready to head down the road again. So a quick call in to dispatch and I was headed for the terminal. As it turned out hubby arrived back at the terminal shortly before I did.
I had gotten a call while I was on my way back and was told I had to give up my white truck, they had a Blue one become available. I was crushed, I LOVE that truck. Well, hubby helped me move things over when I got there and he hooked my radios up for me. So, I'm all moved in to the Blue truck. Now it's the same inside, exactly, and on the outside it's the same too, except color. But my white truck had a tiny bit more power than the Blue ones, I was always kidding hubby I was gonna have to push him up the hills. We'll be climbing them together now, lol. Oh well, better to have a truck, than no truck at all. But I have to admit I was down and out on the way back this morning.
Well, all moved in and hooked up and ready to go again. We hooked our trailers and brought them home with us. And will head south in the morning. We'll be on our way to Texas.
I managed a quick load of laundry, a quick shower . Now I'll relax for a bit before bed time.
There ya have it, that was my day. How was yours? And what have you been working on? I haven't been very creative lately, I need some inspiration. I hope you had a Good day.
Until next time.......
Hugs, Bren


Karen said...

Hi Bren....You were about 40 minutes away from me when you were in Kenosha, Wi!!!!!
Welcome (only briefly) to my neck of the woods.
Hope you can enjoy your new 'digs' soon - I know new things take a bit of getting used to.

WoolenSails said...

Now, you go to all these neat places and you do not take any pictures. I challenge you to take one picture each trip of the weirdest thing you see along the way;)