Monday, July 27, 2009

Where Did We Leave Off?

I think I left you with me having a couple of days off. I did enjoy them. I did a bit of cleaning that needed done, and relaxed a lot.
And as they say, "All good things must come to an end" so did my time at home. We left on Sunday morning, headed for Akron, Ohio for a Monday morning delivery. It was a nice drive across Illinois, Indiana, and into Ohio. We spent the night at a Travel Plaza, just about 25 miles short of our destination.
Up early this morning and on into Akron to the University for delivery. And they were very timely in getting us unloaded. Out of there by 8 am. Hubby had just a few miles to go for his reload, and I about 50. Off we went in our separate ways. I arrived in Sugarcreek, Oh. to pick up a load of bricks. I arrived at 9 am and they had me loaded and I was strapped down by 9:45 am, and headed back for the "Big" road as we say. I made a stop for fuel which was a fiasco to say the least, it took me 45 minutes to get out of there. The computer system had gone down, so they couldn't process my fuel ticket. Arrgghhh! Well, anyway, finally I was out of there and headed for I80 West. I met up with hubby at a Travel Plaza and we headed west, he being headed for Dubuque, Ia. and I headed for Kenosha, Wi.
I will unload in the morning and then head back for the terminal. No reload as of yet, so will have to wait until morning to see about that. Hubby will head for his destination and then back to the terminal.
We'll be leaving out again on Wednesday Morning for Texas again. This time we'll take a different route as hubby has a drop to make in Little Rock. So we'll be seeing a bit of different scenery.
Hope you all had a Great weekend and your week is off to a Great start as well.
I'm catching up on all your blog news while I relax tonight.
Until next time..........
Hugs, Bren


pammyjo said...

Whew! You wear me out! LOL Of course you're a little younger too. Giggle! Have you gotten any projects going? Stay safe. O yeah .... Your flowers in the bike basket look a little wrinkly. Hmmm.
We have to find time for our Pears. Until later, Hug :)

pammyjo said...

My first post will make no sense to anyone but us. LOL Sorry!

WoolenSails said...

You sure are busy this summer. Hope you will get a nice long vacation and relax before it is over.


Tolentreasures said...

You are getting closer to Pa. I am still waiting for you to head out 80 into Pa.