Thursday, June 4, 2009

As The Wheels Turn

Well, lets start this week. Here's how it's gone so far.
Sunday, I left Sunday afternoon to head to my destination for Monday morning unload. I was to unload just north of Des Moines, Ia, so I was within 50 miles on Sunday night. It stormed Sunday evening and was windy, so I didn't sleep the best.
Monday morning bright and early I was up (about 4 am), took the girls for their walk, did what I needed to do and filled my drink cup before taking off. Took off around 6 am and arrived at my destination a little before 7. I had on glass beads that are used to put on the paint stripes on the roads, while the paint is still wet, so it reflects. It's weather sensitive, and it was raining, so had to wait a bit before they unloaded me. I was empty and back on the road by 8 am. On way back to the terminal to meet up with hubby. We picked up our loads, this time going to Metropolis, Illinois. The home of Superman! A Tuesday morning unload. A walk in the park, stayed at the little truck stop there in town. Tuesday morning, unloaded, and since you can't just go joy riding in a big truck, we didn't get to see the statue of Superman. Oh well, maybe next time. Back to the terminal for the next load. Going to Massachusetts.
Wednesday, driving across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio. We stopped for the night just shy of the Pennsylvania border.
Thursday, that's today right? Driving across Pa., New York (it's a long way across New York, too) and in to Massachusetts. Right at this moment we are at a little truck stop about 60 miles from our unload destination in the morning. And we unload at a college downtown Boston. Once we are unloaded, hubby has a reload in Pa., nothing for me yet. I'm hoping to get out of town, get a load on the way back and make it home. Running short on hours.
So, cross your fingers and say alittle prayer that all works out. Most of all, Pray that I don't have to go driving around Boston to get a load!!!
Until next time, the Wheels will keep turning.
Hugs, Bren


pammyjo said...

Don't you wish you could find all our prim pals out east and visit while you are there? Keep safe. :)

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi, Drive and keep safe!

Tolentreasures said...

You sure put a lot of miles on, don't you? When you go past the New Bethlehem/ Clarion Route 66 interchange on Route 80 you are about 20 miles from me.