Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catch me If you Can

Hi Girls! Ok, where did we leave off...........ummmmm, I think maybe my 34 hour break. anyway, I'll go from there. After a brief, and I mean brief stop by the house, we were off again. I had a load that went to Minnesota, just west of Minneapolis. So hubby called to see if there was a load of wood that needed to go back to the concrete plant where we pick up bases to bring back to the plant. Yes, Indeed there was. So on Monday we picked up his load and headed north. We stopped just short of Minneapolis for the night. Up early this morning, in fact I am usually up by 4, but last night I kept waking up for whatever reason and it was 4:30 when I did get up. I thought I was late!!! I hate that feeling. We wanted to get on the road by 5, we made it! So hubby went to the concrete plant, I delivered my load 7 miles from there and when I was empty I too went to the concrete plant. We both loaded up with bases for the plant back here, these are concrete bases for the lights we deliver. We made it back to the terminal and are stopped for the night. As a treat, we had pizza delivered to the truck. Fine dining as hubby put it, LOL.
We leave out tomorrow with a load for Virginia. I'm hoping to be back by Saturday evening and have a couple days at home. Please cross your fingers for me on that.
And that will wrap the week up for us. Next week it's back to Texas. I don't mind Texas, it's warm there, this morning in Minnesota it was in the 40's.
I'm missing your comments!! Please leave me a comment to let me know you were here, at the end of the day I love to sit down and read your notes and see who was here. Even if it's just a note to say Hi. Makes me feel connected. I miss my girlfriends back home, they called me last week to see where I was, they were all on the back deck under the umbrella................and I was in Boston!! That was so hard for me, lol. How dare they sit under the umbrella without me, LOL.
Have a Great week..........if I have more time I'll post again before the weekend. I do check your blogs in the evenings when I have time, just don't always have time to comment, I'll catch up this weekend.
Until next time
Hugs, Bren


Betsy said...

Hi Bren,
Hope you make it home for the weekend. Stay safe and have a good evening.

Tolentreasures said...

Hope that your week continues well and that you get to some "warm" places soon. Nice that you had some fine dining for the week anyhow. It would be for me...hubby is on a diet and I am CRAVING pizza!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Bren!
Just blog hopping around here and found you...glad I did!

I've been to Boston and loved it so full of history and of course we did the tourist thing...my DH even drove the duck boat.lol

I'll be adding you to my favs so I'll be able to read all about your adventures on the road!

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Bren, Hope your trip continues well and you can return safe to your home.

Terry said...

Hi Bren!
Sounds like you've had a busy time of it lately!
Your girlfriends need to have a get together when you get home. lol!
I love pizza so that would definitely be fine dining for me.
Take care and have a safe trip home!