Monday, June 22, 2009

How Did the Week End?

I didn't realize I hadn't posted to catch you up! We left off that we were going to unload and call dispatch to see what the plan was.
All went well with getting unloaded, although they did take some time. And it was getting warmer as the minutes ticked by. So, after getting unloaded we called dispatch to see what our reloads were. Amazingly they had 2 loads out of the same place, going to the same place!! That doesn't happen very often. We were reloading in Houston, right near the truck stop we had spent the night before at. So we headed back into town, made it to the plant, they pulled us right in, and then told us the crane was broke down. Ugh! Oh well, nothing to do but wait. It was 1:00 in the afternoon, and we figured we could get loaded, and get a few hundred miles behind us. Not so. It took 4 hours to fix the crane, the temps were in the 100's and by the time we were finished strapping it all down we were exhausted. So we spent the night at the same truck stop again. A nice shower and a meal and a good night's sleep. We headed out first thing Friday morning. We decided to cut up through the country, it is shorter by about 50 miles, but time wise it takes longer. And to top it all off, there was some road construction. We managed, and stopped just short of Kansas City for the night, just a little over 700 miles for the day. We had hopes of getting unloaded on Saturday morning and then going home for a couple of days before we headed out again. We continued on and tried to get ahold of our contact for unloading. We were unable to get ahold of him before the last cut off for home, so we kept going towards DesMoines. Almost there and he calls and said it had rained too much and they wouldn't be able to unload us until Monday morning. Oh joy! We took our break in DesMoines, hubby went to the race track, I went to the store for dog food, lol. We have a niece that lives there, I called, but was unable to get ahold of anyone. So, we just hung out until this morning. We got unloaded quickly, headed for the terminal, found out our loads won't be ready until Tuesday afternoon, so we came home for the evening.
The girls needed baths, and trimmed. And the rest of the sand burr's combed out. And I have a little laundry to do (working on that now).
We will leave out tomorrow afternoon for Alabama. The kids are coming next week, for the week, and we are hoping to stop on the way back and pick up the boys to ride home with us. We'll have to see how things work out.
We all were so worried that summer would never get here and I think it has arrived! It is stifling hot outside. I do need to go out and give the flowers some miracle grow later.
How was your weekend? I missed your comments, hope to have more this week. And I have a couple of things I'm working on I want to get pics of for you to see.
Have a Great week, I'll post again when I can.
Hugs, Bren


WoolenSails said...

So, you are traveling all over, would be fun if you had time to stop at new stores along the way;)
Are you on the road most of the time, or do you stay home for stretches at a time?


Bren said...

It would be Great if I could stop at all the stores I see, or ones I know about, but have never been to!
We are on the road most of the time, only home for weekends, occasionally. Next week will be a break, because the kids will be here.
Hugs, Bren