Saturday, June 13, 2009

Close your eyes, Click your heels 3 times....

And say....There's no place like home, There's no place like home. Open your eyes...............and I'm home!
Wow, does it feel good, too. So where did we leave off? We were getting ready to head for Virginia. We headed out Wednesday. Across the Mississippi into Illinois, then Indiana, south at Indy toward Kentucky. We stopped just short of the Kentucky border for the night. It was storming, and stormed into the night. Up early Thursday morning and back on the road. Into Kentucky, headed east at Louisville toward the Virginia's. West Virginia and into Virginia finally. I had the heavy load this time, almost 41,000 lbs, mostly poles for the lights and some pallets of electrical supplies. Hubby had the easy load, a van full of lights, about 5,000 lbs. We never know until they give us the trailer number and hook on what kind of weight it will be. Most usually they are not that heavy, but it depends on what you have loaded on. There were 3 trucks total going to this job site and the concrete poles had been delivered earlier. Anyway, through the mountains with that much weight was a lot of shifting on my part. So much so that my tendon in my upper arm is really sore. Can't lift my arm above shoulder height without severe pain ( makes it hard to brush your hair, lol). We stopped at a really nice Rest Area about 60 miles from our destination for the night. There were TVs in the Rest area, and a sit down snack area. We have never been in one like that before and we've seen alot. And a nice grassy area for the girls to play in for a while, too. Once again, up early and into town, Norfolk, Va to be exact. We were going to the Naval Base Recreation Area. We found our destination and they were very timely about getting us unloaded. No load to pick up, so we headed out of town.
We stopped in Kentucky last night, and up early this morning for the stretch drive home. I did take pictures, and hubby got some, too. I'll post them later as they are still on our camera's.
We aren't scheduled to leave out again until Tuesday. I am so going to enjoy my time home. I have crafty things to work on, the girls need baths and a trim and the monthly Flea Market is in the morning. I'll be going, lol.
Thanks for all the comments!!! I loved sitting down in the evenings to find a comment left for me. I have some catching up to do, getting to all your blogs and leaving my notes. Have a Great Weekend! I look forward to hearing from you.
Hugs, Bren


Tolentreasures said...

Glad that you have some time off. Can't wait to see your pics! Have you been in every state? You must have. That is on my bucket list.


Bren said...

Cathy, we've been in 47 states, Hawaii, Austrailia and New Zealand. I would love to go to Alaska, but won't be driving a truck, lol. And we haven't made it to Maine.
Hugs, Bren

WoolenSails said...

I think that would be a hard life, but interesting too, being able to see all of the states. I have been north and south, but never farther than ohio.


Terry said...

I've been on that stretch in Virginia through the mountains. It's no wonder your arm is sore!
Glad you have some time off!
Gosh...47 states? I've only been to 24...I have a way to go.
Have fun at the flea market!

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Thanks GOD,you are in your home and have some time off. Enjoy your flea market day!