Monday, June 29, 2009

And Here We Are

Wow, I really need to catch you up! It's been busy and filled with excitement. I basically left you over a week ago when we were home for the night. So lets catch up on my life for the past week or so.
We left out that Tuesday for Alabama. It was late in the afternoon before our loads were ready, so we made it a couple of hundred miles and then stopped for the night. An easy day the next day and we stopped within 10 miles of our destination, Bessemer, Alabama. My appointment was for 7 am on Thursday morning and hubby was right behind me a 7:30. They were very quick about unloading us. A call to dispatch for our reloads. Hubby had just a few miles to go and pick up his load at a foundry, some castings that went back to Iowa. I headed for Columbus, Ga for my reload. I picked up batteries going right back to our terminal. The company they were for is closed this week, so they will be delivered next week. Hubby reloaded and waited at the truck stop for me to catch up. I made it there, they loaded me very quick, I strapped down and headed back to Birmingham to meet up with him. It was so hot that day! After I made it the truck stop where hubby was, we decided to spend the night there. A hot shower for me and we had a nice supper. Then to relax and unwind a bit. I took the girls out into a nice little grassy area to run and play for a while. And then a good nights rest.
We were about 250 miles from the kids at that point and our plan was to stop by there house and all leave out on Saturday. Well, hubby found out he could deliver on Saturday and not have to wait until Monday. So we made it the kid's and Papa picked up the oldest Grandson (he's 6) and they headed for Iowa. What a big deal that was! The first time Grandson #1 had gotten to sleep over night in the big truck. He's gone for rides before, but not over night. He did Great according to Papa. The next morning when Papa got up, and keep in mind he's an early riser, the Grandson was up as soon as Papa's feet hit floor getting dressed to go too! Too cute. I stayed overnight at the daughter's and we all left first thing Saturday morning. I had Grandson #2 (he's 4) with me, with Mom and Dad following in the van. It's a 10 hour ride from their house to ours. The first part of the trip went well, the little man was fairly quiet just taking in the sights. We made our first stop about 2 1/2 hours into the drive for a necessary stop. On down the road and then lunch, still going well. We made one last stop before the stretch drive home. It just happened to be the same place Papa and Grandson #1 had stayed the night before, and Grandson #2 thought they were still going to be there, lol. We all used the restroom and got a snack for the rest of the trip home. Now the little guy had M&M's and a bug juice for his snack, and at about an hour from my house he wanted Mom & Dad to pass they did. And then the sugar rush hit!!! He says "Man that van sure does go fast. I wish I was in that van! Go faster Yaya, go faster!" Of course I explain I can't or I'll get a ticket, and we can still see Mommy and Daddy up there. Well, in the last town 6 miles from my house, Mommy and Daddy got through the 4 way stop and out of sight before I even got there!!! You would have thought the road dropped off, catch em Yaya, catch em!" After 10 hours of driving I start getting tired like anyone would and am ready to stopped myself, but this little guy was on a SUGAR RUSH and wanted to be there yesterday. The last 6 miles seemed like a hundred to him. But we made it and all was well. Did help that he knew Papa and big brother were already there, lol. Lesson to be learned here, NEVER give a child M&M's and Bug Juice and then strap them in a car seat in a big truck!! LOLOLOL.
So we're here now and enjoying time with the kids and being home. We're going fishing tomorrow and a day at Mark Twain Cave this week, also. I have a Girls day out planned while I'm off. We need to catch up! And a big family reunion this weekend. Stay tuned for more on the fun we'll have this week.
I hope you all are having a Great week and your weekend was good also. I have some catching up to do reading your blogs and leaving my little notes. Hope you leave a comment for me as well.
]Until later......
Hugs, Bren


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Bren,
How fun for the grand boys!!!
Have a great time at the reunion and girls day out.

Betsy said...

Hello Bren,
I'm sure both the boys loved their truck rides. Sounds like you have a busy week planned. Hope you have a great time visiting.
Have a great evening.

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a good week ahead.
I still need to finish something, but I will get it out and to you before saturday;)