Monday, June 15, 2009

Pics to Share & Ready to Go

Some pics from our trip into the Naval Base at Norfolk, Va. An Awac plane taking off while we were unloading.
A military plane on the tarmac. Not a very good pic, lol, I got more of the side mirror and window.

Following the signs to get there. Thank God for signs!

Hmmmm, a double. Sorry.

The tunnel under the bay. It was very close on clearance for us in there!

I was trying to get a shot of the houses on the other side. I think it would fun to live by the water. In fact, I know I could live there.

Crossing the bridge to the base. A long bridge.

And tomorrow starts a "New" adventure. We'll be heading south to Texas. Maybe we'll have time to stop and see our friends in Oklahoma at the little truck stop. The ones I told you about before, with the comfort food, lol.
Trucks are cleaned. Everything's washed and repacked. Just the basic necessities to grab as we go out the door in the morning. Am I ready? No, lol, always things I think I should have done before we leave. But, they'll be here when I come back.
I have some wool things to work on. I didn't have any time last trip. I have some things cut out that need to be ironed on, and I have my iron packed in case I have time to work on them.
I'm hoping this week is not as rough as last week. It was stressful, traffic wise that is. The east coast is not my favorite place to go because of traffic. People are always in such a hurry and trying to get there before you do. When you are out driving in traffic, just keep in mind the "No Zone" when around big rigs. Those are the areas where "we" can't see you. And remember, if you can't see us in our mirrors, we can't see you either.
I hope your week started out on a good note and continues. I'll post again when I have time. And maybe I'll get some Great pics this week. Keep the comments coming! I so look forward to them.
Until next time....
Hugs, Bren


Karen said...

Hi Bren, glad you are safe on the road!
Oh isn't that bridge something else? We were on it a few years back and I was in awe at the length of it.

I know what you mean about the east coast traffic - it's crazy.

Thanks for sharing pictures Bren.

Brenda said...

I love reading about your travels! Be safe!

WoolenSails said...

Have a great trip and be safe.


Lydia said...

We also crossed that bridge several years ago while on vacation. Cool to have that tunnel in the middle.

Tolentreasures said...

I, too have been across that bridge...stuck on it once for hours with an infant when there was a breakdown in the tunnel. Not fun! Great pics, love hearing where you are all the time.


disa said...