Thursday, June 18, 2009

We'll Travel Along......

Singing our song, side by side. Do you remember that song? I don't, but I do remember my mother singing it, lol. Anyway............ we're in Texas this morning at our destination. A brand new high school, and wow is it going to be a big one.
We've had a good trip so far. We left out Tuesday morning, it was raining when we left Iowa, and before we got to Missouri it had stopped. The farther south we went the hotter it got. Thru Missouri, Kansas City and on into Kansas. We stopped just inside the Oklahoma border and saw our friends. The ones I talked about before, and as always they took good care of us. We spent the night at the little truck stop there, it's a nice little place. The only thing I don't like about it is.....SAND BURRS.......they get in the girl's hair! They were covered with them, took me over an hour to get them all out. And it doesn't get any better as we continue south.
Wednesday morning, on through Oklahoma City, and toward Dallas. We stopped and got the trucks washed so we would look presentable once again. Dallas wasn't bad, but of course traffic is always heavy there. And on to Houston, we stopped on the north side of Houston for the night, it was just 100 degrees on the truck thermometer, and up early this morning to get thru town before traffic. Our destination is about 30 miles south of Houston. We'll unload here, call dispatch and see what the plan is after we are empty. It's in the 80's already this morning, so it'll be a warm one again today.
Just wanted to give you a quick update. Hope you are having a Great week! Thanks so much for the comments, I know you're checking in on me. That's a nice feeling after a long day. Looking forward to hearing from you. I'll try to get some pics today. I always think oh that's boring, but I guess it's not if you haven't seen it before.
Until next time.....
Hugs, Bren

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pammyjo said...

I remember the song. Glad things are going smoothly. Watch out for the thunderstorms rolling through. Hug, :)P